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Custom solutions

Our instruments are offered in broad range of standard configurations. Customer can thus choose only the modules that he need for his application. Specific requests are solved by individual customization. There are no limits, we are able to satisfy possibly all your wishes.

If you have some specific needs, that can't be solved by standard model, contact our office, please.
Below is a few customization examples.

  • Specific mechanical construction (fixing holes, holders, custom case, ..)
  • Custom modules
  • Communication between instrument and application of the customer
  • Instrument control by web interface
  • Firmware modification
  • Custom software (for PC & for the instrument)
  • Inputs & outputs expansion, different connectors, ..
  • Sets of customized instruments (one time or repeated delivery)
  • Production under mark of the customer
  • Custom development based on core of the selected instrument
  • Any custom developement and production, including the software
  • And next ...

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