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Motion Simulation

The pattern generator contain set of precise defined static test patterns, that are suitable for visual checking as well as for objective measurements.

Many applications, mainly in the area of digital TV systems, also require dynamic test patterns. The Motion Simulation function is designed just for this requirements. When enabled, static patterns starts to moving according to selected speed. The function can be applied to any pattern and any TV system.

Motion Simulation function always provide the high quality signal without any pattern degradation known from compression systems. Properties of all elements within the pattern are also preserved.

Static Pattern (Example)
Dynamic Pattern
(slow mode on the left, faster on the right)

Preview of visual effects
caused by transmission errors
in digital TV systems

Instrument Control

There is several ways how to control the pattern generators. Above all, there are control buttons on front panel. The buttons located near the display are designed for instrument settings, while the buttons on the right are dedicated to presets operations, automatic mode and beep control.

Generator settings can be realized either by accessing menu items and adjusting it's value, or directly on main screen. Items that should be visible on main screen (and thus can also be directly adjusted) are given by Screen Designer tool from TRF Manager 9 system. The generator contain 8 such screens, that can be arbitrary switched by user. In the factory default state there are available predefined screens according to the generator type.

The next way how to control the pattern generator can be realized by using PC and connection via USB port. Computer show generator front panel with control buttons and display. When this button is clicked, the generator responds as in case of real buttons. Also the display shows the same content, as the display built in the instrument.

The generator can by similary controlled also from custom application. The integration is very simple when our „TRF Development Kit” is used. There are available software libraries and sample applications.

The instrument can be also controlled by RS-232 serial port or by infrared remote control unit. This ways are available in custom generator versions, standard types support presets switching controlled by external button instead.

Presets and Automatic Mode

The TRF-95x generators contain 8 presets, each consisting of 5 banks (i.e. 40 memory positions reserved for custom setup). When the generator has installed more memory blocks, then each block can contain separate presets. So that up to 160 memory positions can be obtained for custom setup.

The user can specify, what items should be applied on preset recall. For example, when there is a request to keep current RF modulator settings, the user can temporarily disable RF modulator items. On preset recall, the RF modulator settings will be preserved, while other items (like pattern, TV system,..) are loaded from memory.

The presets can be switched manually, or by using automatic mode. The automatic mode can swith all presets one by one, or only selected group of presets.

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