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Extra Accessories

Collapsible Feet

By default, the generator is supplied with self adhesive feet. For comfortable desktop use, the instrument can be provided with collapsible feet. The feet are 16mm high, or about 47mm high when opened.

Fixation holder

The instrument is supplied as desktop device. In case of use inside 19" stands, the generator can be provided with fixation holder.

Dark design

The most common version of the instrument is light grey. For customers that prefer dark design, the generator is available also in dark anthracite color with light front and rear panel.

Brushed panels

The front and rear panel is manufactured with use of baked powder color and baked printing. This design is very resistant, even to most of chemicals. On customer's request the front and rear panels are available also in Al brushed version with baked printing.

Slide-Out Shelf

To extend possible mounting techniques within 19" stands, we offer rugged slide-out shelf.

How to order Extra Accessories

Add name of required extra accessories after instrument type in your purchase order, please.

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