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TRF-950, Test Patterns

TRF generators are provided with large set of the most common patterns. This patterns cover all usual requirements, so there is no need to modify standandard settings. But in case of any need, factory patterns can be supplemented or replaced by custom versions.

The TRF-95x generators contain more than one hundred (>100 !) standard test patterns and signals. Number of patterns is limited only by number of installed memory blocks (FD1..FD4, see Datasheet for details, please) and each pattern complexity.

The below listed pattern previews (dimensions and resolution is adjusted and limited for internet) shows instrument possibilities. To any pattern can be applied Motion Simulation function, that makes the pattern dynamic. This is important mainly in case of digital TV systems for compression and data transfer evaluation.

Color Bars (16:9 picture format)
This is the most common test pattern. The generator provide this patterns with 100% saturation and selectable amplitude 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Similar patterns are grey scales (8 and 64 steps), R,G,B scales, single color areas, special signals like +/-U, +/-V for example and other. All patterns are available under 4:3 and 16:9 picture formats.

Sine Wave
The generator contain set of sine wave patterns with frequencies from 0.1 to nearly 7MHz and combined patterns called Multiburst. There are also available Sweep patterns, where the frequency changes continuously (compared to Multiburst) from one frequency to another. Also this patterns are available under 4:3 and 16:9 picture formats.

This pattern is based on gradient of blue, 100% saturated, amplitude 75%...0%. The generator contain also gradient of white (grey), red, green or gradient of special signals like G-Y=0 in the second and fourth quadrant. This patterns are also available under 4:3 and 16:9 picture formats.

Reference NTSC Pattern
This pattern is designed especially for NTSC TV system and can be well displayed in 4:3 picture format. This pattern contain elements for picture geometry evaluation, but mainly a lot of exactly defined signals.

Reference PAL Pattern
This pattern is designed for PAL TV system, 4:3 picture format. This pattern also contain some elements for picture geometry evaluation and a lot of exactly defined signals. Some of it use V signal alternation (see thin horizontal stripes on the left and right). When the receiver is correctly adjusted, this area looks grey like the pattern background.

Reference PAL Pattern (16:9 picture format)
This is similar pattern to the previous one, but it is designed especially for the 16:9 picture format.

Japanese Girl
This reference pattern is mostly used in analog and digital TV systems. There is combined real scene with precise defined color table. This pattern is used maily for subjective visual picture evaluation, but the color table can also be used for colorimetric coordinates obtaining. In digital TV systems with higher resolution also the very fine details are visible.

Combined Pattern (16:9 picture format)
This pattern shows to designers how to combine basic components with bitmap images. Note that basic components has resolution given by current settings, while bitmap images has fixed resolution. When the image resolution is too low, the image inside the pattern will not look well. For analog systems the SDTV resolution is the most effective compromise between pattern quality and size. Bitmap images with high resolution are then suitable mainly for digital TV systems, where the fine details can be visible.

This pattern, as well as all others, can start moving when Motion Simulation function is enabled (several speeds available).

To easily create customized or new patterns, there is optional TRF Manager 9 design system. Custom patterns can be thus designed within a few minutes. Click on preview image to see pattern designer window in detail.

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